Trinity College is the largest college in Cambridge and is called home by over 1000 students that are studying at Cambridge University. Trinity was founded in 1546, surprisingly making it a little bit younger than some of the other colleges in Cambridge such as Kings and St. John’s. Trinity College has had 32 Nobel Prize winners out of the 91 that Cambridge University has won, the most out of any college. Some of the most famous graduates include Isaac Newton and Prince Charles.

When visiting Trinity College, there is a lot to keep you entertained, whether you just want to explore the beautiful grounds of the college or if you want something more structured you can plan a visit to see the choir or the library, whatever you want to do.

Fun Fact

Trinity College is where the first rules of football were written up, they were called “Cambridge Rules” and were a little bit different to the rules you know now.

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Trinity College – Things to do in Cambridge

Where is it?

Trinity College, Trinity Street, Cambridge CB2 1TQ


Adult: £2
Child: £1

Contact Details

01223 338 400