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Cambridge Food Tour

Cambridge is full of fantastic local food so why not take a tour to show you the spots you may have been missing? The Cambridge Food Tour will take you to places you never knew existed, your tour guide will have an intimate knowledge of Cambridge, the restaurants, its food suppliers, bars and market vendors, opening up a whole new taste of Cambridge. The Cambridge Food Tour offers lots of different tours that will take your fancy, including a pub tour, afternoon tea tour and even a private tour. Whatever food you like they will have something for you.

Please visit the website for more information on prices and tours.

The Fudge Kitchen – Fudge Making

The only thing better than being able to eat lots of different flavours of fudge, is being able to eat lots of different flavours of fudge whilst making fudge. The fudge making experience at the Fudge Kitchen is a must do this half term and if you’re really talented you might even make it on to the Hall of Fame. Just in case your not all fudged out by the end of you making fudge experience, you’re able to take home a 4 slice box of fudge, sounds heavenly.

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In case you’re wondering, we like food here at the Things to do in Cambridge HQ.

The Cambridge Arts Picturehouse

Lets be realistic, it’s going to be wet and windy this half term making it perfect for a trip to the cinema! The Cambridge Arts Picturehouse is the perfect way to spend a miserable British day, the cinema has all the latest blockbusters and the comfier chairs and smaller screen makes for a much more intimate experience, you can really connect with the film, something you can’t really do at a chain cinema such as Cineworld. After your film you may be a bit peckish (here we go, talking about food AGAIN) the small cinema also has a small cafe where you can grab something to eat either before or after your film.

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Hardy’s Original Sweetshop

Hardy’s is certainly an experience you have to come across, if you’re a kid then this place will look like heaven and if you’re slightly older, memories of your childhood will come rushing back to you. Two tiers of pure delight will greet you at Hardy’s with sweets galore; we can only describe it as a much bigger version of the sweet trolley in Harry Potter. You might want to avoid Hardy’s if you don’t want your children to be hyper active for the rest of the week.

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The Centre for Computing History

Kids these days seem to love staring at a computer screen so why not take them to a museum all about computers, at least it will get them out of the house. The Centre of Computing History has around 24,000 items including a significant collection of vintage computers and even hands-on displays. The museum has even supplied props for TV and film, including the latest blockbuster, Steve Jobs. Here at Things to do in Cambridge, we think that you just have to go to this place, it looks so cool!

For more information about the museum please visit the website.


Tenpin offers a variety of different activities that will suite whole family. With bowling lanes and amusements as well as karaoke and table tennis, you’re bound to find something that will keep everyone happy for a least a couple of hours. There is also a licensed bar for any adults who are looking to relieve any stress that having kids can cause. Having fun is tiring, you might want to recharge by going to the Beach Road Cafe to grab something to eat.

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Twilight at the Museums

If you enjoy looking around museums then you’re going to love this. On Wednesday 17th February, Twilight at the Museums returns for its tenth year of after-dark activities, Twilight at the Museums allows you to look round some of cities best museums in the dark, with a variety of torch-lit and illuminated adventures. With 11 different locations, there is plenty for families to enjoy, and the best part? it’s free!

Some of the museums that are taking part in Twilight at the Museums are: the Whipple Museum, where you can hunt for gizmos and gadgets; the Polar Museum where you have to spot the difference between Arctic and Antarctic animals; the Sedgwick Museum where dinosaurs will be lurking in the shadows; the Cambridge Museum of Technology where there will be ‘Horrible Histories’ music performances as well as fire jugglers.

For more information please click here.

e-Luminate Festival

The e-Luminate Festival runs from the 12th to the 17th February, showing off some incredible light art for six stunning evenings. You don’t have to be into art to go to see the amazing work that these people can do with light. The event offers a unique opportunity for you to see Cambridge in a whole ‘different light’ using the latest technology in light to project on to some of Cambridge’s most iconic building. We think this is awesome and Things to do in Cambridge will definitely look in to attending!

For more information please visit the website.

Visit the Market

Cambridge is famous for the fantastic markets located in the historic market square in the middle of the city. In Cambridge there is a market on everyday of the week, but depending on what day you go will depend on the market that is on.

From Monday to Saturday, the General Market runs from 10am till 4pm with around 100 stalls offering a wide range of unique and unusual gifts. With such a variety of stalls including fruit and veg, gifts, flowers, vinyls to sweets, you’re bound to find what you’re looking for.

If you visit the market square on a Sunday you will find the Arts and Crafts market on, which also runs from 10am to till 4pm where you will find stalls selling local produce from the farmers, as well as work from some of some of the most talented artists, craftsmen, potters and photographers in the area.


The perfect way to see the city is by a punt! Obviously try and pick a day where it isn’t going to chuck it down, which could be pretty hard as we are in England, but if you can manage to avoid the horrible weather then you’re in for a great day out. The punt will take you all around the backs of the colleges and under some of the iconic bridges of Cambridge. Different punting operators will take you on slightly different tours.

For more information about punting tours and punting operators in Cambridge, we created a Punting guide, just for you!

Wandering Around

If water isn’t really your thing, or you’re scared that you might chuck your kid(s) in the water when they’re annoying you, you can always just wander around Cambridge. Cambridge is the perfect place to get lost in, you could stumble upon a hidden secret. Just exploring Cambridge can really be a wonderful experience.

Cambridge is also the perfect place for picnic, why not pack a bag full of food and a Frisbee and have endless hours of fun. Here are some of the greens that we think are perfect for a picnic in the park:

Jesus Green
Midsummer Common
Parker’s Piece

If you need more ideas about Things to do in Cambridge this half term, please visit the rest of our website and we’re pretty sure you will find something that takes your fancy!

We’re always looking for more exciting Things to do in Cambridge, if you feel like we’ve missed anything out please let us know on Twitter or Facebook!