When we think about heaven, this is pretty much what we would like it to look like. The Fudge Kitchen has been producing fudge for over 30 years, using their special recipes and traditional methods, some of their flavours are fairly wacky but do not knock them until you try them. The Fudge Kitchen offer free samples of fudge as you arrive and also if you are interested in buying a certain flavour of fudge, feel free to try before you buy!

If you’re lucky you might catch them in the act of making the fudge, this happens right in front of your eyes and can leave you amazed as they show you all the different techniques and steps that are required to make fudge! The fudge is sold in slices, but they are also available in a variety of drinks.

Fun Fact

Fudge was ‘born’ after a college lecturer was taking a class in toffee making when the temperature of the connection was not taken high enough. The end product was ‘fudge’ which explains why people say fudge when they make a mistake.

Where is it?

11 King’s Parade, Cambridge CB2 1SJ

Contact Details

01223 350191 / info@fudgekitchen.co.uk