The Cambridge Centre for Computing History is a pioneering educational charity that looks to increase understanding of developments in digital technology over the past 60 years by exploring the social, cultural and historical impact of the Information Era. The museum has around 24,000 items including a significant collection of vintage computers, memorabilia, artefacts, documents and hands-on displays. The museum’s core collection consists of 800 historic computers including an Altair 8800, usually considered the first home computer, as well as mobile phones, game consoles, and calculators. The museum often has special events on so please check the website to check if anything takes your fancy!

The Centre for Computing History runs on donations from the general public and businesses – if you would like to donate please visit the website for more information.

Fun Fact

The museum supplies tech props for TV & film including The IT crowd, Steve Jobs, Micro Men, Charlie Brooker and Electric Dreams!

Where is it?

Rene Court, Coldham’s Rd, Cambridge CB1 3EW

Contact Details

01223 214446 /