hidden secrets in cambridge

The Cambridge Arts Picturehouse is often overlooked when the people of Cambridge are going to watch a film; therefore, we consider it as a hidden secret, but the kind of secret we want everyone to know about. It operates as a cinema that also offers a small cafe inside of it where you can grab a bite to eat, before or after you film.

The cinema itself offers a much more intimate experience with the film you are watching due to small screens and comfy chairs making it much more enjoyable than going to visit a larger cinema such as Cineworld. The cinema offers all different kinds of films such as documentary films, classics, world films and independent films. Due to the cinema only having 3 screens there are only a limited amount of screenings every day, therefore, it is better to check what is on before you go to visit the cinema.

hidden secrets in cambridge

The Cambridge Arts Picturehouse – Things to do in Cambridge

Fun Fact

Cineworld was looking to purchase the Picturehouse but film lovers put a petition up to stop it and were successful, causing Cineworld to look elsewhere.

Where is it?

38-39 St Andrew’s Street, Cambridge CB2 3AR


Prices are dependent on your age and the time you go to the cinema, they range from £6.00 to £11.00

Contact Details

0871 902 5720 / cambridge@picturehouses.co.uk