Punting is a great way to get to see to see Cambridge – here at Things to do in Cambridge, we want to avoid you getting ripped off and paying above what you should to get a tour around the city by punt. We have created this page to try and help you decide which punting company will be best suited to you.

Punting  – Things to do in Cambridge

Although there are a lot of punting operators in Cambridge, we have put together this list of trustworthy, legitimate businesses that will look after you, after that, it’s up to you who you choose!

The original and first punting company in Cambridge, they have been operating since 1910. Still to this day it continues to operate and has become a favourite with tourists and even the locals! With up to 150 boats to hire and special seasonal tours – if you don’t want a tour you can always hire the boat to punt yourself (try and stay dry.)

Cambridge Punt Company
The Cambridge Punt Company is another very good place to go if you’re looking for a punting tour, whether it’s a special occasion or just a relaxing day out! They also offer a very spooky Halloween river punting tour that you have to try if you love to scare yourself! If you’re not a fan of all that spooky stuff, why not just have a relaxing tour around the city.

Lets Go Punting
A traditional punting company that shows you the city in style and comfort. Lets Go Punting also offer shared and private tours of the city, in addition, you are able to have your hen party on the rivers on Cambridge and even get married!

Cambridge River Tours
A newer company that was only established in 2003, however they say that their wealth of local knowledge, well trained and highly experienced chauffeurs set them apart from everyone else, sit back, relax and soak in the tales that this famous city has to offer.

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A pleasant day on the river – Things to do in Cambridge

There are many more punting companies that can take you around the city, these are just a few out of a handful. Just because we have not recommended a company it doesn’t mean you can’t trust them or that they are not legitimate. These are just the ones that Things to do in Cambridge highly recommend as they give you a warm welcome and friendly service throughout the tour, making you want to go back for more!

How Much Should You Pay

Here at the Things to do in Cambridge HQ we like to look after you, therefore please take in to account that it is much cheaper for you to book your tickets in advance online, rather than going to the kiosk on the day.

For a shared tour of the city, you should be looking to pay around £15 online and around £20-25 if you go straight to the kiosk on the day.

If you’re looking for a private tour then you should be looking at paying around £100 for the whole day punting, for a boat that will normally fit around 12 people. Once again this figure will rise if you go pay on the day rather than booking online.

Where can you find them?

All of their locations are on the websites that we have provided above for you. If you find yourself wandering around Cambridge and decide that punting would be fun, you can continue to wander and the chances are you will probably stumble in to one of the businesses friendly staff members who are located around the rivers and bridges of the city, they will be able to help you out and tell you where to go if you’re interested in punting for the day.

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Punting – Things to do in Cambridge

What next?

Enjoy a relaxing, stress free day out on the river, or maybe not so relaxing or stress free if you have chosen to punt yourself… enjoy a day out on the river.

Whatever business you choose, make sure to mention that you found them at Things to do in Cambridge!