Hardy’s Sweetshop is the perfect place for sweet lovers; the only way that we can describe Hardy’s Sweetshop is a larger version of the sweet trolley in Harry Potter. With all sorts of magical flavours spreading across two floors we guarantee you will want to walk out with the entire contents of the shop. It’s old fashioned feel really makes the shop come to live and with some old school sweets taking you back to your childhood and your favourite childhood sweetshop, making the perfect gift or just to treat yourself because why not?

Fun Fact

The staff at Hardy’s Sweetshop won’t let you buy the entire contents of the shop, trust me we have tried. This fact is not fun.

Where is it?

17 St Johns Street, Cambridge CB2 1TW


Prices range on different sweets in store

Contact Details

01223 367 657 / websales@hardyssweetshops.co.uk