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Getting around and about Cambridge is easy peasy, there are lots of great methods to be able to travel around the city and to the outskirts. Of course you can take the preferred Cambridge method of travel and the Things To Do In Cambridge team highly recommend bike hire to wizz about the city of cycles.

For general information about getting around and about Cambridge and with travel guides and timetables you can visit Cambridge Visitor Information Center

Bike Hire

City Cycle Hire

Rutland Cycling,

Cambridge Bike Tours 

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Cambridge Park and Ride

Drive and leave your car on the outskirts of the city and jump on the bus and ride into town – less stressful than parking in the city center and buses run very regularly.


Newmarket Road

Babraham Road


Madingley Road

Guided Busway

Buses run on the old railway line that once connected Cambridge to St Ives. It now runs right through to Huntingdon, stopping at villages along the way and passing through attractive countryside. Very regular service.

Bus Station

The main Cambridge Bus Station is in Drummer Street and runs a comprehensive service to many destinations.

Car Parks

There are many car parks dotted around the city, but they are expensive so be warned, if you are coming into the city for the day you may be better off using one of the other methods mentioned to leave your car.

Grand Arcade

Park Street

Queen Ann Terrace

Grafton West

Castle Hill

Cambridge Station

Cambridge Leisure

Cambridge University Park and Cycle


There are two stations coming into Cambridge to help you travel around and about Cambridge.


Cambridge North

City Sightseeing Hop on Hop Off Bus

19 stops throughout the city to aid your sightseeing travel around and about Cambridge. Runs from 10.10 am until 5.10 pm (Summer) 3.40 pm (Winter), the buses run every 20 minutes and a complete loop takes 80 minutes, it runs all year round and is available in 9 languages. A Things To Do In Cambridge must…a great way to see all the sights.