Things to do in Cambridge

Although there are many great places to eat in Cambridge, recently one area has been grabbing a lot of the plaudits, making it perfect for us to mention on our Things to do in Cambridge site. Not that we have favourites and there are great places to eat all over Cambridge. This is just one area we wanted to cover this week.

You probably know the area that we talking about you if visit Cambridge on a regular basis and if you don’t, even better, let us introduce you to the best area in Cambridge to grab a bite to eat. Whether you’re looking for a three course meal or just a snack to keep the shopping going, Things to do in Cambridge will sort you out.

Where is the funky food hotspot?

Cambridges’ best spot for food is in the heart of the city, located just off of the market square. The area starts on Wheeler Street where you can find Jamie’s Italian and then follows round on to Peas Hill and Bene’t Street where you can find more fantastic restaurants including the Pint Shop – perfect for beers, cheers and treats. With all of the restaurants we are about to show you being a minute or two walk away from the Cambridge Corn Exchange (which is another great thing to do in Cambridge – visit the By the Night page for more information) all these fantastic food hot spots are perfect for those who are off to the Corn Exchange after a meal!

The Restaurants

It’s about time we showed you what makes this part of Cambridge one of our favourites here at the Things to do in Cambridge control room. If you want to see what the whole of Cambridge has to offer, why not look at our Food & Drink page.

Jamie’s Italian

The celebrity chef’s Italian chain restaurant is the first on our hotspot list, based in a eye catching grate II listed building, with magnificent domed ceilings and pillars that span the whole height of the room, the food is even better than the architecture, believe it or not.

The perfect place to go if you’re looking for high quality Italian food without burning a whole in your wallet. If pizza is your chosen Italian dish then Jamie’s Italian is the place for you to be, a brand new pizzeria is now open upstairs in the restaurant serving up handmade pizza and garlic bread.

Where is it

The Old Library, Wheeler Street, Cambridge CB2 3QJ

Contact Details

012 2365 4094

Next up on the food hotspot tour is The Pint Shop

The Pint Shop is a vintage looking bar that has been inspired by the 1830’s and is all about recreating an atmosphere that is enjoyable to eat and drink in. Most of the beer is British and all of it comes from small brewers along with a smaller selection of rare bottle beers.

Keeping up with the tradition, all the food that is served is cooked on coals, j just as it would have been in the 1830’s which creates a beautiful flavour, putting The Pint Shop on our Things to do in Cambridge Funky Food Hotspot list. The food available ranges from dry ages steaks for those who are wanting a large meal to little snacks, for those not so hungry.

Where is it?

10 Peas Hill, Cambridge CB2 3PN

Contact Details

01223 352293

SmokeWorks is where we will be heading next!

Located just round the corner from the main hotspots, SmokeWorks brings the BBQ to Cambridge, offering beautifully barbecued food at reasonable prices for everyone to enjoy. The service you get at SmokeWorks is truly refreshing as they operate with a very cool system that allows you to flick a switch to let your waiter/waitress know when you need them! The industrial feel of the restaurant looks smart and the smell of the kitchen will hit you as soon as you walk through the door. It’s so good hat they have been ranked as the 6th best barbecue restaurant to visit in England.

Where is it?

2 Free School Lane, Cambridge CB2 3QA

Contact Details

No bookings, just turn up!

Next up, Aromi

Aromi delivers the true taste of Italy in the middle of Cambridge, perfect! The independent Sicilian cafe offers a modern slice of Sicilian life, or just a slice of tasty pizza if you prefer. Creating a relaxed atmosphere in which you can enjoy some of the best tasting homemade delicacies and cakes. Aromi’s speciality dough is allowed to rest for 48 hours just a little insight to the secret of perfecting its light texture and beautifully bubbly crust. We wish we could make dough as well as they do!

Where is it?

1 Bene’t Street, Cambridge CB2 3QN

Contact Details

01223 300117

Where to next…. Zizzi

If you like Italian food then you really are spoilt for for choice, this next restaurant is a chain that has plenty of restaurants all around the UK, including two in Cambridge. Zizzi is a classic Italian restaurant serving all the things the Italians are famous for, pizza, pasta, any food you associate with Italy, this place will serve it. Zizii is really good value for money and has become popular with many students in Cambridge (there’s a lot of them, trust us) due to the good food and better service.

Where is it?

16 Bene’t Street, Cambridge, CB2 3QN

Contact Details

01223 357508

Things to do in Cambridge

Enjoy the Funky Food Hotspot Tour with Things to do in Cambridge.

Next on the hotspot tour, we’re looking at CAU

Food taken from the city of Buenos Aires. Incase you’re now wondering what that kind of food is, it’s somewhere in-between Spanish food and Italian food. With some dishes that you’ll find hard to pronounce, CAU really gives you a taste of Argentina, serving some classic Argentinian street food at reasonable prices. CAU was the winner of the OpenTable diner’s choice award in 2015 really proving how good the food is. We recommend that you try the steaks as they are cooked perfectly and are to die for!

Where is it?

15 Bene’t St, Cambridge CB2 3QN

Contact Details

01223 357000

Next Stop, Bread & Meat

Simplicity can be beautiful, this cafe does exactly what it says on the tin, making the community better by providing us with great sandwiches. The independent cafe is certainly full of life and the rustic looking design really adds to the atmosphere of the cafe. Bread&Meat is famous for is porches sandwich served on locally baked ciabatta with their own salsa verde, it’s seriously good and you have to go and try it.

Where is it?

4 Bene’t St, Cambridge, CB2 3QN

Contact Details

07918 083057

If pub grub is for you, then pay attention, the Eagle

The Eagle is a proper pub with a a difference, the food the serve is exceptionally nice for a pub, none of the soggy mash and burnt to a crips sausages. The food served is freshly made and almost irresistible. The Eagle is the drinking and thinking hub where Watson and Crick announced that they had discovered the ‘secret of life’ here at Things to do in Cambridge, we think the Eagle has announced that they have discovered the secret of good pub grub! love it.

Where is it?

8 Bene’t St, Cambridge, CB2 3QN

Contact Details

01223 505020

Finally, we have reached the end of the tour, last stop The Cambridge Chop House

A proper British restaurant with a vintage British menu they provide nicely presented food with no nonsense. Of course it only make sense that the steak night in The Chop House is every night, what else were you expecting? all the steaks all locally sourced when its possible and served to reflect the seasons. The Chop House also takes it wine list and ales very seriously with a thorough wine list and local brewed ales just incase you need something to make your meal extra special.

Where is it?

1 King’s Parade, Cambridge, CB2 1SJ

Contact Details

0123 359506

We hope you enjoyed our Things to do in Cambridge Funky Food Hotspot tour. Make sure that you check out any (all) of the restaurants that take your fancy. Why not head over to our Food & Drink page to see what other great restaurants Cambridge has to offer.