Cam Tramble 1
Now the snowy deluge has melted away and the sun is finally beginning to peek through it is time to get back on foot and out into the city we love.
As keen explorers of Cambridge we know that it is difficult to beat that feeling when you find something off the beaten track that is special or a little bit different, the sudden lift of energy when you are genuinely curious in something new. That is why we are so excited about the launch of the Tramble App here.
They have made finding new corners of Cambridge so easy with 60 minute walking routes where you answer 10 questions based on what you see along the way.
Cam Tramble 4
At the moment there are three of these ‘Trambles’ (the walking routes) to follow and on each one you will discover a part of hidden Cambridge that you have missed before.
We took on the Round Church to the Varsity Hotel Tramble and found some of the questions can be a little challenging, but that only added to the experience game.
Cam Tramble 2
We walked down past Newton’s Tree, found out facts about the University Library before taking a recommended stop at Kettle’s Yard. It conveniently ends at the Varsity Hotel where the views from the bar can be stunning on a clear day. Not sure there is something better you can do for the £1.99 price tag!
If you are keen to discover more about the new walking app then visit their website or skip that step and go straight for the app on iOS and Android.